"Dragons" - The puppets
The actor gives an amazing performance when he played the dual role of a dragon and knight by convincing the audience with stilt walking and puppeteering that they are a reality through his extraordinary technical and dramatic abilities. This combined with the fact that the audience had never seen such a performance in their life has led them to become mesmerized by the show.
The birds seem to be escaped from a dream and a cartoon as well. Dynamic and always curious, Gryphon and Corto are so playful that they seduce everyone.
The Dragon called Baraka is ridden by a mighty sorcerer. He is a fierce creature not easy to approach, but he gives the feeling that anyone can be a hero, only if... one tries to tame him. Especially the children, who are so proud of themselves when they finally pet the Dragon and overcome their fear. The Dragonfly, the Fairy Queen in a bug body, enlightens your day by reflecting the (Sun) light from her wings. She brings you a rainbow of colorful little Fairies.