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Ancient Warriors 
Stone Legend 
Terracotta Warriors Ancient Warriors
Stone Legend Comes Alive
Beautiful display of over 7 ft. tall Statues instantly attracts the audience and brings curiosity, taking them to a place in history and Imagination. These mesmerizing warrior statues make a huge impact as they suddenly come alive moving and advancing to create powerful choreographed positions and scenes from simple décor to striking battle fields, from funny interactions to lasting impressions.  This amazing breathtaking show will have a long and memorable place in viewer’s hearts and minds.
Show Available as group of 4 to 5 performers
8 to 12 performers
Terracotta Warriors
Stone Legend Comes Alive
Terracotta Warriors
Chines warriors
Chines soldiers
Living terracotta statues
Living statue
Terracotte living statue
Terracotta living statues
Terracotta statue
Terracotta statues
The living statue
The living statues
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Toy soldier
Toy warrior
Toy warriors
Living statues
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Chines shows
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Live statues
Life statue
Life statues
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Best living statue
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Emperor living statue
Terra cotta warriors
Terra cotta warrior
Living terra cotta warrior
Living terra cotta warriors
Terra cotta living statue
Terra cotta living statues
Terra cotta statue
Terra cotta statues